*1979 Prag

"In her work Miša Marek is sounding out the personal synopsis in a formalized, only merely open world, which is defeating an authentic intimacy within families, relationships, and geographical borders. Experimenting humorously with identitites emerging from different areas Marek's work challenges to look for their original abandonment in the individual story underneath. By dwelling on this original plain of yearning to attain a different life, relationship, or place her subtle approach uncovers what we are moved by, and by doing so, lets us pass beyond our individual boundaries or experience emotional intimacy. Houses, clothes, bodies and objects tell their own stories. This is because their particular materiality reflects the reticent and lonesome people that inhabit them, yet are incapable of expressing actual needs or problems. This is how they become part of the narrative and collaborate in the formulation of its story, symbolically standing in for human feelings and experiences. Thus, a personal synopsis may be a little story, but inherits a big one at the same time as it simultaneously tells a universal tale of individual loneliness in modern society." (The Soap Room, Innsbruck)